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The goal of CrossFit is to get you fit. Fit to enjoy life on your terms. CrossFit is a blend of gymnastics, weightlifting, and mono-structural endurance, it does not specialize. It will never plateau. It is fun, creative, and, most importantly, it works. It will teach you how to do common things uncommonly well, while developing a base of strength and stamina on which you can build an active lifestyle…a community that you want to be a part of. – CrossFit Journal

Our classes are 60 minutes in length and we workout together as group. Each class is led by a Coach. Every class the Coach will will educate you, motivate you and lead a fun, well structured hour. Our program delivers proven results and will challenge athletes at any and all skill levels. More importantly, every workout is and can be tailored to the needs and fitness level of the athlete.

Do you want to be fit and healthy? How about look good naked? So do we. That’s why we whole heartedly believe in the CrossFit methodology.



Barbell Club

1 hour Olympic Lifting class. The goal of our barbell club is to help athletes of all ages and all levels develop foundational strength, technique, and confidence in the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk). This class is available for all of our members and including in our membership. Whether you have no idea what a snatch is or you want to compete in an Olympic lifting meet this class is for you.

The programming is written on the white board, allowing lifters to move through at their own pace, taking a couple minutes of rest in between sets. We love to blast music, chalk up, and get down to business. High fives are highly encouraged. This class is a must!


1-on-1 Training

Personal Training is specific one on one Coaching and programming tailored for you and your needs. With this service, you’re in control of your training agenda and schedule. You determine when you workout and each session is individually tailored to your goals and fitness level.

This is a great option for those who want a more private setting, a specific goal or for those who would like to begin here before joining group classes. We love doing personal training because it’s all about you!


Open Gym

Sometimes life gets in the way of making our 3-6 CrossFit classes a week.
Sometimes we miss a particular workout, benchmark, or lift that we really want to make up.

Sometimes we want a little extra time outside of class to work on skills, drills, technique, or perform work that’s been assigned to you from your Coach.

Enter…Open Gym.

The goals of Open Gym are as diverse as you all are, but here are some highlights of why you might choose to utilize it:

Do some extra work that your coaches have prescribed to you
Practice skills at your own pace, outside of the normal group
Meet with friends, make new ones and workout with them
Make-up a missed workout of the day
Prepare for an upcoming competition or event
Try new things – PLAY with your fitness!

The gym is open and available to you. No headphones please.


Nutritional Coaching

Want to improve your health, wellness and fitness? Want to look, feel and perform your best? Want to live longer and improve your quality of life? Nutrition is the foundation of everything. Our nutrition consultant Jen can work 1 on 1 with you!

Jen Johnston:

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Precision Nutrition Level 1

One Hour Nutrition Consult – deep dive into health history, health concerns, current eating habits. Includes a full write up wrote up and recommendations 

One on One Nutrition Coaching – one hour initial session as well as weekly phone check ins for accountability and to adjust plan/approach as needed to reach your goals. I utilize a macro based approach with an emphasis on sustainable habits. Helping you become the expert on your body and it’s needs all while supporting your health and reaching your goals. 

I also offer a free 15 minute phone consult to answer your questions and give you a clear understanding of how I can help you reach your goals.


Kids Classes

Kids classes (2 saturday’s a month). $10/class. 3/4 year old group. 5-10 year old group. Each class is 30 minutes long. Life, sport, and fitness require us to be able to run, jump, throw, hop, leap, pull, and push and our Kids program teaches just that in a fun and supportive environment. At Kids Train, children learn skills, knowledge, and discipline that help adolescents excel in everyday life and perform at a higher level in the classroom and on the playground.

Class Layout

General warm-up to get the silly’s out!
Learn the movements for the “workout”
Game based workout incorporating movements

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Offered in 4 week sessions. Despite appearance, yoga and CrossFit go hand in hand. Yoga movements help CrossFit athletes develop balance and isometric strength. Our restorative yoga is focused on increasing range of motion through mobility. Extra fee. For more information and upcoming classes contact us.

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Offered in 4 week sessions. Basic Level one fundamentals class. This class is geared towards athletes who want to learn better positions with their pull-ups, handstands and rings. Small class (8 person cap). 45 minutes in length. Extra fee. For more information and upcoming classes contact us.

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